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NSW Contingent Badge Design

Competition Alert

A fundamental part of the Jamboree Contingent is it identity.  A major component of this identity is our Contingent Badge.

Everyone is invited to create their own design for the NSW Contingent Badge for AJ2025, with the final design being chosen by the Contingent team.


  1. Identification

Your AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge design is to include:

  • Words ‘AJ2025’
  • Scout NSW Logo
  • NSW Contingent Logo in some way
  1. Colours (or threads)

The AJ2025 Contingent badge can have up to nine colours.

  1. Badge Design

The final Contingent badge design will be chosen by the NSW Contingent team. Please take care when designing your badge. Do not use licensed images, badge designs will be checked for copyright images and slogans, and for profanities.

  1. Badge Shape

The design of the AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge is to fit on a stylised shape of NSW. Attached is a template of the AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge shape.

  1. Badge Dimensions:

The final AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge will measure 95mm x 75mm


  1. Design your unique AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge

Use the attached badge template and above information to design your AJ2025 NSW Contingent badge. Designs can be hand drawn, or designed on computer.

  1. Submit your design

Complete the attached badge design form and email it to by the 28 April 2024 (together with your design, if it is in a separate file).