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Meet The Team

The NSW Contingent Management Team is the leadership team who work together to put everything in place so NSW youth and adult members can enjoy an awesome Jamboree experience.

There is a lot this team does behind the scenes to ensure members can attend the largest Scouting event in Australia while being safe, having fun and creating lifelong memories – including youth and adult safety, and financial management and compliance.

Contingent Leader – Chris Buggie

As a Region Commissioner, Chris is a member of the State team. He is also a Camp Warden and a member of the NSW Trust Management Committee. Chris first joined Scouts as a Scout and during his Scouting career he’s attended six Jamborees and three Cuborees, as well as many other events in between.

“The best this about Jamborees is seeing all the smiles and building lifelong friendships.”

Chris is the Contingent Leader. As well as leading the NSW Contingent team, Chris works closely with the Jamboree Organising Committee and other Branches of Scouts in the lead up to AJ2025.

Deputy Contingent Leader – Alexander Morson

Alex is a Rover Scout at The Gymea Rover Scout Unit and an Assistant Scout Leader a District Commissioner in the South Metropolitan Region. He’s been a member of Scouts for 12 years. He was a Jamboree youth attendee in 2016 and 2019, a Cuboree Activities Leader in 2017, and attended the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

“The best thing about Jamborees is the friends you make. They are always the best!”

Deputy Contingent Leader – Mitchell Stubbs

Mitch is a member of the State team, a member of the Trust Management Committee, and a Youth Safe Advocate. In his 17 years with Scouts, he’s attended the 2007 Cuboree and the 2010 Jamboree as youth member, and the 2011 Cuboree and 2019 Jamboree as a Leader.

“I had a great (hot and dusty) experience at AJ2019 as a member of the Welfare Team. I am excited about supporting the entire NSW Contingent at the next Jamboree.”

Director – Marketing, Communications, Media & MerchandiseBel Howell

Bel is a Region Commissioner and a member of the State team, a Youth Safe Advocate and a Mental Health First Aider. She’s been a Group Leader and a Leader in a Scout Unit. She’s been to two Jamborees – 2010 at Cataract and 2013 in Maryborough. Whilst never a Scout (she once was a Brownie), she joined the Movement alongside her two sons.

“Both Jamborees, I attended were different and a lot of fun, all Jamborees are awesome. A Jamboree is an experience unlike any other in Scouts and incomparable with anything else young people do in their normal lives. Why would you not want to go to a Jamboree?!”

Her Jamboree role is leading the marketing, communications, media and merchandise requirements of the NSW Contingent.

Director – Finance and Technology – Gai Green

Gai joined Scouts in 2003 and is a member of the State team. She’s been a front-line Leader, a trainer of adults, and is a Youth Safe Advocate. She’s attended multiple Jamborees and Cuborees, along with Regional, State and National events and conferences.

“I’ve been to five Jamborees – across 12 years and in three states – working in Unit (Troop) Lines, as well as in welfare, hygiene and catering. They are all very different apart from fun. Even the work is fun at a Jamboree.”

Her Jamboree role is leading the finance and technology requirements of the NSW Contingent.

Director – Hospitality – Erika Hood

Erika’s held local, Region and State roles in Scouts. She is currently a member of the State team, a staff member, and is a Youth Safe Advocate. Erika was a member of the Welfare team at AJ2019.

“Getting to show off Scouts NSW at an Australian Jamboree is what I love to do – including creating our Contingent gateway – along with organising functions to help our attendees celebrate being a NSW Scout in a whole other state.”

Her Jamboree role is making sure the NSW Contingent ‘home’ at AJ2025 is a welcoming place you want to visit whilst you’re in Maryborough.

Director – Health and Wellbeing – Anthony Pritchard

Anthony has been a member for more than 20 years and has been leading the delivery of Mental Health First Aid training in NSW. He’s attended every Jamboree and Cuboree since 2007 and has a special interest in hygiene and welfare.

“Between 2007 and 2019 I’ve attended four Cuborees and five Jamborees in different roles. For me, going to a major event is all about creating an experience for our youth members.”

His Jamboree role is to ensure every member of the NSW Contingent is safe, happy and healthy. Anthony leads a team of experienced wellbeing and welfare Leaders who are there 24/7 for every NSW Youth and adult member at the event.

Director – Membership and Administration – Wendy White

Wendy is a member of the State team and is a Youth Safe Advocate and a Mental Health First Aid trainer. In her 20+ years as a member, she’s attended 4 Jamborees and the 2005 Cuboree.

“The best thing about a Jamboree is seeing Scouts not know where to start telling their family about their experience. Of course, that’s after they’ve slept for about three days straight!”

Her Jamboree role is making sure we know who our members are and how we can help make AJ2025 experience the best time it can be.

Director – Logistics and Transport

Steve is a District Commissioner in Sydney North and is trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. He attended the NSW State Jamborette in 2005 and Jamborees in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

“Getting thousands of Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Leaders from all over NSW to a Jamboree site can be quite a challenge, but it’s one I really enjoy. Between the coach ride to and from a Jamboree is where some of the best memories are created.”

His Jamboree role is to get us to and from AJ2025 and make sure everything is ready for 3,500 NSW Scouts to have the time of their lives.