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Who is the contact in your Region?

Supporting the NSW Contingent team and working closely with our youth and adult members in each Region are the Region Liaison Leaders and our team of Jambassadors.

A Region Liaison Leader (RLL) is the representative of their Region who works with the NSW Contingent team to help promote the Jamboree to Leader across their home Region. The RLL is also tasked with helping create the Jamboree Units (up to 40 youth members and adults) that will be in place for the duration of the Jamboree. They will do this with the guidance of the Contingent Leader and Deputy Contingent Leaders.

A Jambassador is a someone who has been to major events – like an Australian Jamboree or a World Scout Jamboree – and who can help you understand what you can do at a Jamboree and how much fun it is. They can also help you with ways of helping your family understand why it’s a really good experience for you to go to AJ2025.

Our Region Liaison Leaders and Jambassadors

If you’d like to speak with your RLL or arrange for them or a Jambassador to come to your event or to tell your Group more about Jamboree, please send a request to your RLL with the details.

RegionRegion Liaison LeaderJambassadors
Greater Western SydneyDuncan Watts
HumeSean Langshaw 
Hunter & CoastalBruce Leverton, Michael, Stella
North CoastHarrison Winchester, Sasha
North WestEric Scott 
RiverinaJean Brown
South Coast & TablelandsGreg Pearce
Louise Allery
Alex, Ben
South MetropolitanJohn Dwyer
Peter Jamieson
Cal, Ruby
Sydney NorthDean Bassett, Darcey, Chantelle
The Golden WestDavid Scott